Year Three - Term One Round Up

Updated: May 27, 2020

I have absolutely loved and loathed this term. The end is looming closer and closer and it’s really started to hit home that this is it. Phrases like “ah it doesn’t matter its only first year” and “ah don’t worry 2nd year only counts for 25% of your grade” are constantly flung around at uni, and really are great to hear 2 hours before a deadline, but it meant that third year kiiinda hit me like a tonne of bricks.

This year we kicked off the term celebrating being all back together again with lots of parties and nights out. Our new flat is perfect (apart from the ceiling falling on my head but that’s a whole other story), its what an estate agent would call “cosy” (fucking tiny), and I live with the best flatmates ever ever!

I have a great big desk which is lucky really as it’s become home to all my jewellery making, and since the start of term I’ve managed to grow the brand a lot! It’s a wonderful distraction from uni work and I can do it whenever I like, it suits me loads especially when I need to slow things down.

Over the summer, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and all throughout September and October I was dabbling with dosages which, if I'm honest, made it very difficult to do anything so I'm surprised I managed to squeeze in as many parties as I did this term - but it's a long old process and I'm just glad I've got the ball rolling.

I have had a grand total of 9 free lunches this term – thanks to executive officer meetings, course rep meetings, long student ambassador days and pitches for our final major projects. They say nothing in life comes for free but about 20 egg and cress sarnies later, I would beg to differ (despite the crippling 50 or so grand in debt and constant running around, its all worth it for that sweet sweet packet of crisps at a course partnership group)!

In October, I travelled to Copenhagen in Denmark with my long-suffering boyfriend Liam to see one of our favourite bands – Pond. We literally did not stop moving the entire trip, I had the most amazing time and I’ve got the belly to prove it after all those pints and wonderful dinners shared together. We will both treasure those memories for a long time.

For my gender equalities role this term, I held a vigil for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (what a mouthful!) and lots of people got involved writing messages of support and lighting candles. I have also had meetings with representatives from STARS Dorset, Pelvic Pain UK, BU/AUB Chaplaincy and Women Friendly Fashion in preparation for bringing the students of AUB some very exciting things in March for Women’s History Month. All this alongside our normal monthly meetings, which have managed to set up 8 new societies this term.

As a course rep I have brought a lot of things to the table – and not just the leftover sandwiches – I have raised a number of issues and concerns from my peers this term as well as attending course socials and setting up a mentoring scheme for the level 4 and 5’s.

At the end of November, I attended Dorset Spark 2.0, an event for local business owners and students from AUB and BU totalling around 60 people. Teams were split evenly across the board with the aim of “finding practical, innovative solutions to enhance economic growth”. The teams went head to head on a number of challenges for which there were team winners – it then came to the overall winner for the best contribution of the day – me! It was a brilliant day (with another free lunch) for which I have to thank the Dorset Growth Hub, the Dorset LEP and Bournemouth University amongst many others!!

My dissertation is going okay – albeit slowly – and has been hugely boosted by meeting a Greenham Woman who’s agreed to an interview with me as well as visiting the Still I Rise exhibition at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol which I found just inspiring. And just before the Christmas holidays I had an assignment hand in along with a presentation which I was really proud of!

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