My story

Hey! My name is Caitlin and I am from Portsmouth (can you spot the Spinnaker Tower behind me?). I have just finished my degree in Creative Events Management at the Arts University Bournemouth. in  my second year, I started CJP Jewellery - a resin jewellery brand which reflects the natural world around me. I work mostly with flowers collected from my garden and wild flowers I have picked up whilst walking. Recently I have been experimenting with a lot more colour, as well as some more creative and silly designs! 

I started making jewellery as I needed an outlet to be creative outside of my studies. I gave out my creations to friends and family and quickly, other people were staring to ask how they could buy my work. Up until now, I have been selling my work through Instagram and makers markets. Now i keep myself busy with the website and my shop in Wimborne!  

aub advantage pic.jpg